Evidencing award entries

The key to winning a business award is to present robust evidence that will impress even the most sceptical awards judge and prove that you are the best in the category.

Boost Evaluation’s parent company, Boost Awards, has written and co-written more than 1,400 WINNING award entries for its clients. Central to our recipe for success is (what we refer to as) “out-evidencing the competition” and our experience and growing expertise here led to the creation of Boost Evaluation Limited as a new entity in its own right.

Suitable for

  • Evidencing award entries written in-house.
  • Evidencing award entries written by Boost Awards.

The output of this service

Written content suitable for award entries – typically a well-developed evaluation generates content for a number of sections – the challenge, innovation, execution and results. This can be provided as:

  • Content mapped to the required entry structure of a given award scheme.
  • Content provided in a separate report which can be source material for any number of award entries. Whether MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

The service components

  • Kick-off call to agree points to prove.
  • Survey design.
  • Sourcing and analysing objective data (typically data points from around the business).
  • Sourcing and supporting the development of testimonials and anecdotes.
  • Analysing findings and sequencing them so they tell a story.
  • Report writing, whether within an award submission format and/or a separate report.

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