Customer satisfaction surveys

Listening to your customers should not be time consuming or expensive, but the price of not listening can be devasting. A well-designed survey will garner not just feedback, but also opinions and ideas. Boost will help you understand how your service compares with competitors, as well as over time. It should inform your strategy and make your customers see you are a provider that cares and listens.

You’ll find that most customers are keen to share their opinions – they just need you to provide the opportunity. That is where we can help.

Suitable for

  • Informing business strategy.
  • Driving continuous improvement.
  • Generating ideas and suggestions.
  • Generating statistics for sales collateral.
  • Evidencing award submissions.

The output of this service

  • A survey designed in MS Word so you can edit and comment on drafts.
  • A survey uploaded to our surveying account, or yours.
  • Email templates to maximise response-rates.
  • Truly random selection of winners for prize draws.
  • An analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, with comparison to a pre-agreed structure, list of hypotheses and/or previous scores
  • A report in the pre-agreed format and level of detail. Whether MS Word, Excel and/or PPT.

The service components

We can co-ordinate some or every aspect of the process:

  • Chairing calls or meetings to identify the insights you require, points you wish to prove, or hypotheses you with to test.
  • Survey design tailored to your individual requirements, firstly in MS Word, then uploaded to a digital format.
  • Recommending approaches to maximise your response rates.
  • Support in distribution of surveys.
  • Data analysis including ‘deep dives’ and correlations to generate valuable insights.
  • Chairing a call to agree conclusions and next steps (for the final report).
  • Developing graphically rich reports and presentations, relaying the results comprehensively and comprehensibly to stakeholders.

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